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mr. My

Dancer and Owner of My Dance Doctor

My Nguyen has always been intrigued by the world of dance since he was 13 years old. His journey began at a summer camp retreat where he met a street performer who taught him about the history of hip-hop and the power of dance. He was so captivated by the culture that he began taking classes at local dance studios and practiced with friends on weekends, crafting his unique movement lifestyle.

 San Jose California


My name is Andrew and I am a graduate from SJSU. I was part of the dancesport team on campus; thus, I have some experiences in competitive partner dancing, mainly in American Smooth, American Rhythm, Nightclub. I have been dancing for more than 7 years, but salsa for 4 years. I am the Ballroom Director for the student organization on campus, as well. I am proficient in salsa, though I do know chacha, merengue, and two-steps."

 San Jose California


Teacher and choreographer of club, funk and street styles. She has taught classes in México and Cuba and most recently she was chosen with Las Hijas del Ra to represent Mexico in the First Women’s International Hip Hop Festival in Pinar del Río, Cuba. She has also been assistant of the international choreographer Jojo Diggs and was invited to participate in the 10th Diggs Deeper edition in


She is a member of Las Hijas de Rap, a Hip Hop collective of rappers, dancers and street artists who use Hip Hop as a social transformation tool and to empower women inside the street culture. Together they give workshops, conferences and perform all art.

Passionate about dance, freedom and human rights, Nany is in constant analysis of urban culture and pushes her students to be smart, full and change agents through dance and art.

 Merida Mexico


She began to dance at the age of 12 in Merida Yucatan. She has taught courses mostly in urban styles in Merida and Cancun.


She is a teacher, choreographer and above all a student. She has had the opportunity to travel multiple times to Los Angeles, California and New York to continue her training. Currently residing in Cancun, Anunciata is the director of an organization called The Ledge Movement, which aims to promote the good culture HipHop and the values ​​that make it up.


Anunciata will begin her professional career in dance at the University of Montreal Canada, Concordia University, in the Contemporary Dance program.

 Cancun Mexico

Irene Tang

Irene is a dancer, martial artist, and personal trainer. Her dance background is in a mix of styles but her favorite is hip hop freestyling. She loves to lead team building workshops and offsites with a speciality in moonwalking and gliding. Find her on instagram @itang.