My Dance Doctor is an idea where dance teachers gather to share their art and cure dance fever. 

The term "dance doctor" is an alias that any dancer can assume. As long as you are curing creative blocks and inspiring people through the art of movement, you are a dance doctor!


About My

My Nguyen has always been intrigued by the world of dance since he was 13 years old. His journey began at a summer camp retreat where he met a street performer who taught him about the history of hip-hop and the power of dance. He was so captivated by the culture that he began taking classes at local dance studios and practiced with friends on weekends, crafting his unique movement lifestyle.

Throughout My's artistic career, he has amassed well over a dozen performing credits with Bay Area dance groups; Eight Count, World in Motion, Zion, and The Kathleens; he taught at dance studios including the Evergreen Community Center, Infinity Dance Studio, Aborn After School, and Purdance.


Today, My see dance as a contemporary lifestyle and is always looking for ways to express it through his original choreographies.